Our coaches and advisors at Dixie High School teach appropriate sportsmanship to their programs.  We also promote sportsmanship for our fans and spectators.  Behavior at sporting events should reflect the standards of our school and community.  Students and other fans should cheer for their team.  Inappropriate comments to officials or other teams players are not allowed.  Students who engage in behavior that is negative, rude, or demeaning to others will not be allowed to attend sporting events.  We invite all students, parents, and community members to be enthusiastic Flyer Fans, and request that you support Dixie High School by demonstrating appropriate positive behavior at all games/school events.

We will follow the UHSAA guidelines regarding support items at games, which prohibit hand held signs, confetti or shredded paper, lasers or light pointers, whistles, and air horns.  Artificial noise makers are allowed only at outdoor events.