Search And Seizure on campus / Criminal Tresspassing

Search and Seizure: School authorities are charged with protecting the health and safety of all students and promoting the effective operation of the school.  The following Search and Seizure guidelines shall be observed to assure the privacy of individuals and the safety and welfare of all students.

          Students -    A student shall be free from searches unless there is reasonable cause to believe that something is concealed that may be of immediate danger to the student, to other students, or the staff.  School officials may request that a student remove all items from pockets or other personal property.

          Lockers -     Lockers remain the property of the school and are provided to students for their convenience.  Students should be aware their assigned locker will be jointly accessible to the student and school officials, and may be subject to search at the discretion of school officials.

          Vehicles -    School officials have the right and the duty to inspect any vehicle parked on the parking lot of the
                            school.  If an official has reasonable cause to believe that the contents threaten to affect adversely
                            the safety, health, or welfare of students, or if they reasonably suspect drugs, weapons, illegal
                            or prohibited matter, or stolen goods, a vehicle may be searched.
Criminal Trespass Enforcement

Buildings, Grounds, Equipment Washington County School District - Adopted 4-08

The purpose of this policy is to provide local law enforcement the authority to enforce compliance with UCA code 53A-3-503 and 53A-3-504.

2. Policy:

                    2.1. Unauthorized use of Washington County School District property is prohibited.

2.2.  It is the policy of the Washington County School Board that local law enforcement has the authority and will enforce all trespass and loitering laws on Washington County School District property.

2.3.  It is the policy of Washington County School District that all traffic and parking laws will be enforced by local law enforcement on Washington County School District property.

2.4.  It is the policy of Washington County School District that all persons and vehicles entering school property are subject to search.