School and District Policies

Attendance Philosophy: The Washington County School District recognizes that regular attendance at school greatly enhances the opportunity for students to profit from the educational programs provided by their teachers.  Frequent absences from the day-to-day classroom experience disrupt the instructional process.  The entire process of the education requires continuity of instruction, class participation, learning experience and study.  The “State Compulsory Educational Requirements” (Utah Code, Section 53-A-1-11-101) directs parents and schools as follows:

1.                  A person having control of a minor between 6 and 18 years of age shall send the minor to a public or regularly established private school during the school year in the district in which the minor resides.

2.                  It is a misdemeanor for a person having control of a minor under subsection (1) to willfully fall to comply with the requirements of this chapter.

3.                  The local board of education shall report cases of willful non-compliance to the appropriate juvenile court.

Fighting:  All participants in a fight will be suspended from school and restrained if necessary. Parents, students, and administrators will meet to discuss the problem.  If a student is involved in more than one fight and there is indication of threat to the safety of others at school or if the student poses a threat to the proper and orderly conduct of the school, the administration will recommend an alternative education plan.


Hall Passes: Students are not permitted in the halls during class periods unless a teacher accompanies them or they have a hall pass from an authorized staff member.  Students in the hall during class time without a hall pass are truant.


Illnesses: (See Attendance Policy Summary and Checking Out of School During the School Day.)


Lockers: Lockers are school property and are issued to students for storage of school books and school equipment.  Students are responsible for keeping their lockers neat and clean both inside and out.  Lockers will be assessed damage fees at the end of the school year.  Students are not required to check out a locker.  Illegal items found in lockers may be confiscated, and students whom the locker are assigned may be prosecuted.  The school is not responsible for stolen items.  Students should not leave money or valuable items in their lockers.


PE Lockers:  All students who participate in PE classes will be issued a lock to use on a PE locker.  It is strongly encouraged to lock all valuables in this locker because of the high risk of theft in the PE locker room.


I-pods: Students are strongly encouraged NOT to bring I-pods on school grounds.  I-pods are a high theft item and also disturb the learning environment. Students who bring music devices to school do so at their own risk.


Cell phones: Phones may not be used in the classrooms, and will be taken if seen and/or used. 

First Offense -      teacher will take the phone and students will need to pick up the phone from the teacher at the end of class.

Second Offense - teacher will take the phone to the office and the parent may pick up the phone from an administrator.

          Third Offense -    teacher will take the phone to the office and the parent and student must meet with an administrator to discuss the return of the phone.


Nuisance items:  The following items should not be used on campus: skateboards, roller blades, cell phones, I-pods, headphones or other items that may disrupt class or the school environment.  These items may be collected by school employees and may be returned when appropriate after a meeting with the administration or staff.


Lunch: Dixie High students have a full service lunch program.  We strongly encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity to have hot lunch at the a-la-carte menu on campus.  Lunch prices are $2.25 for students.


Visitors: When visiting Dixie High School please be familiar with the following guidelines:

1.                 Parents are always welcome at Dixie High School.  We ask that an appointment be made to see an administrator, teacher, or to visit classes.

2.                 Only visitors who have legitimate business at the school will be authorized to be on campus during school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).

3.                 All visitors must report to the main office.

4.                 Visitors will not be issued a visitor’s pass unless they are known to one of the administrators or unless they have legitimate business at DHS.

5.                 Students are not allowed to bring friends/relatives to school to visit classes.

6.                 Any person found on the school grounds without permission is trespassing and is subject to arrest.



Final Check-out: During the final days of school, students will follow established procedures for checking out that will include a final locker inspection, the return of all textbooks, and the payment of outstanding fines.  Fines will be assessed for missing or damaged school property, including locker damage.


18 year old Students in Regular High School Programs: An 18 year old is required to have the same parent permission and the same parent involvement as a 17 year old.  Any 18 year old who does not wish to conform to this rule could be assigned to the adult high school (Dixie College) and not the regular high school.


Administration, Faculty and Staff: See the Dixie High School web site for a list of Administration, Faculty and Staff at


Parking: Students driving to school must abide by the following regulations:

1.                 Students must have a permit (parking sticker) to park on campus.

2.                 Students are to park in the designated student parking area south of the school building.  Students may not park in the upper parking lot in faculty and/or visitor parking spaces.  Violators will be ticketed ($10.00) for each offense.

3.                 Dixie High School will exercise the right to deny driving and/or parking privileges or have a vehicle towed away at the student’s expense, if parking regulations are continually ignored.  Maximum campus speed is 15 mph.

4.                 Continued violations will result in administrative interventions (suspension, etc.) and/or legal problems. (citation, car towed, etc.)

5.                 Students drive/park at Dixie High School at their own risk.  Dixie High is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles while parked on campus.