Restitution/Saturday School

Students are expected to complete restitution for NG's during the quarter following the placement of the NG on a student's transcript.  If a student fails to complete restitution, the NG will result in a loss of academic credit for the class.  Students who wish to restore a NG beyond the one-quarter time limit will be required to pay a $5 fee to activate the old NG, in addition to the $5 per hour that is charged for the restitution.

Dixie High restitution will be conducted at Saturday School, which is scheduled for 3 - 4 Saturday mornings at the end of each quarter.  Saturday school begins at 8 a.m. and students must purchase a ticket beforehand and be on time in order to be admitted.  Students may also attend night restitution at Millcreek, according to the Millcreek schedule of restitution classes.  If a student chooses to attend restitution at Millcreek, they must pay for the restitution at that school, but the restitution hours will be reported to Dixie High.