Resources and General Information

Making an appointment with a counselor:  Students can sign up to meet with a counselor on the clip boards on the shelves in the hallway of the Counselors’ Office.  Counselors will then call the student from class.  Parents may make an appointment with the counselors by contacting the counselor’s office.  (Emergency appointments are available.)

Changing Classes:  Any necessary class changes should be completed prior to the beginning of the school year.  Appointments can be set on the Dixie High School Website at under guidance and appointment scheduler.  If a change is necessary after school starts, it must be made in the first week of the quarter.  Changes after the second week require a parent, student, teacher conference before the change.  A form verifying the conference can be picked up in the counselor’s office and must be turned in complete in order to receive a pink class change form.  Changes cannot be made after midterm.  Changes for 2nd semester should be made prior to Christmas break.  There is a $5.00 charge for class changes made after school begins and students must get all teacher signatures on a pink sheet obtained in the counselors’ office.  Attendance at the class the student wants to change out of is required until the pink sheet is completed, the $5.00 fee paid, and the pink sheet is returned to the counselors’ office.  Attendance points are carried from the former class to the new class.

Tutoring:  Tutoring for math classes is available to all Dixie High School students.  Check with the office for times and places for tutoring.

Making Up Credit:  Students cannot repeat a course they have failed.  Loss of academic credit can be made up through one of the following methods with prior counselor approval: 

·                    Millcreek High School provides instructional clinics after school and during the summer at a cost of $50.00 per .25 credit.  These courses meet 3 hours per day for 3 weeks.  Fee waivers may not be used to make up failed credit. Encourage and assist each student in developing an SEOP to create a personalized educational plan.

·                    Approved correspondence programs including Electronic High School or BYU Correspondence.  Cost ranges from no charge to $101 per .5 credits.

·                    Career Practicum outside the school day.  Students working in nonfoods jobs may get credit for working 7-14 hours per week.  See Career Practicum for more information about this program.

Preparing for College:  Throughout high school, counselors and teachers will share resources for making decisions about the future.  Finding the best post high option requires a lot of research on the part of the student as well.  We recommend that juniors and seniors visit college in which they are interested.  Seniors also have the opportunity to visit with colleges and universities at the Post High School tour at Dixie High School in the fall.  Two great resources for getting information about colleges are Choices Planner at  This program is purchased by the counseling office for DHS students.  A User Name and ID is required (User Name: 0054531  Password: flyers).  Utah Mentor at is another great site for Utah colleges and other colleges across the nation (click on Xap to link to other states).  No password is necessary for use.  Students can create their own portfolio on each of these programs.

Scholarships:  Dixie High School has one of the most extensive scholarship lists in the state.  You can access this scholarship information on the Dixie High School Website at, go to Guidance, go to Scholarship Information.  Scholarships are in order of the date in which they are due.  See Mrs. Bowler in the counselors’ office for applications and information about any of the scholarships listed.  Scholarship information is also available at (link available on DHS Scholarship site) and at  Sterling Scholar is the largest scholarship program in the State of Utah.  Even though only seniors participate, students should begin preparing years in advance.  The program covers 14 different areas of competition and school winners will compete on a regional level.  Applications and additional information is available on the Dixie High School Scholarship site.

ACT:  All colleges require an entrance exam.  Colleges and universities in our area prefer the ACT.  It is recommended that students take the ACT in April of their junior year and retake in October of their senior year for best possible scores.  You must register for the ACT approximately one month before the test is given.  Tests are given on a Saturday in February, April, June, October, and December at a testing center (Dixie State College).  You can register at  The cost is $28.00.  The Counselors’ Office offers ACT Prep courses prior to the April and October tests at no charge.  Contact the Counselors’ Office for Prep Course dates.  The SAT is preferred by colleges in the East.  Application information is available in the Counselors’ Office.  Sophomores are encouraged to take the PLAN test as a practice for the ACT.  Students must pay $9.00 to take the PLAN.  The test will be given at Dixie High School on September 27, 2006.  The PSAT is a practice for the SAT and a qualifying method for the National Merit Scholarship Program.  The PSAT is given on October 18, 2006.

Educational Talent Search:  Dixie State College provides the Educational Talent Search program at Dixie High School and Dixie Middle School.  Students participate in this program as early as 7th grade and continue through their senior year.  Services offered through the program include ACT Preparation, study skills, grade contracts, goal setting, career awareness, college planning and admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and college tours.  Workshops are held throughout the year.  Individual advisement is also available. Those students who were ETS members in the 9th grade will retain their membership at Dixie High School.  Enrollment after 9th grade is usually very limited, but interest students who are not members are encouraged to sign up on a waiting list.

Preparing for Careers:  Students are provided information throughout high school about themselves and the world of work to assist in making good decisions about the future.  Choices Planner at is a great tool to research information about specific careers.  (User ID:  0054531 and Password: flyers)  All juniors are required to complete a one day job shadowing experience in Language Arts (English) to assist in making career decisions.  Internships and work release are also available for students to experience the world of work.  Students can receive assistance in finding jobs through Mrs. Jorgenson in the Counselors’ Office.  She is employed by the Dept. of Workforce Services and has access to all information available for potential employment.  She also supervises the Career Practicum program.

Work Release:  Students may be released from school for work and receive credit through the Related Work Based Learning program.  Juniors may be released for 1 period and seniors may be released for up to 2 periods.  Students must complete paperwork with Mrs. Jorgenson within the first week of the quarter.  Students must work at least 7 hours per week for 1 period of release and at least 14 hours per week for 2 periods of release.  Jobs may not be in the food services industry unless a student has a management position.  Students must complete all assignments for the quarter including submitting a record of work hours on a weekly basis.  Please contact Mrs. Jorgenson in the Counselors’ Office for more information.  Internships function similar to the Related Work Based Learning Program but the student is being released for a non-paid work experience.