Rebound Program

The Rebound Program is intended to help identify students who are struggling academically and provide a means for these students to get the extra help necessary in order to succeed.  A school-wide 20-minute early release every Monday will provide the time for such students to meet with teachers one-on-one.


Each Thursday, all teachers will provide Mrs. Mudliar with a list of students who are missing one or more assignments or who are simply not performing to his/her potential.  Mrs. Mudliar will notify those students on Friday that they are to attend Rebound the following Monday.  Rebound is held from 2:25 to 2:45 pm every Monday.  Each class on Monday will be shortened by 5 minutes to allow for this early release.  Students who have not been requested to attend Rebound can use the 20-minute early release time to voluntarily meet with teachers or study in the library.  Students who have their own transportation will be allowed to leave school for the day; however, no Dixie High students are permitted to enter the Dixie Middle School campus at any time during their regularly scheduled school day. 


Between the Friday of notification and the following Monday, students are expected to complete their missing assignments in order to turn them in on Monday during Rebound.  If a student is not able to fully complete the assignment, they should use the Rebound period to receive extra help from the teacher and let the teacher know when the assignment will be complete and turned in.


At the end of the Rebound session, the teacher will provide the student with a signed “Verification” slip.  This slip MUST be returned to Mrs. Mudliar’s box in the Counseling Office in order for the student to receive credit for attending Rebound.  Students who do not turn in their verification slip or who simply do not attend Rebound when requested will receive a lunch detention.  Students who repeatedly skip Rebound will be referred to Administration for further action.


Mrs. Mudliar will follow up with students not attending Rebound to determine any additional ways to help those students.