Honors Graduation

Beginning with the class of 2011, the Utah Scholars Progam will replace Dixie High's current Honors Program.  The following are the requirements and scholarship programs associated with Utah Scholars:
SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (dependent upon funding)
Regent's Scholarship --$1,000 for students with a 3.0 or better GPA and no grade below a "C."
Exemplary Academic Achievement Scholarship -- $5,000 for students with a 3.5 GPA and a 26 or higher ACT score with no grade below a "B" in the required classes.
4 Years of English (taken in each grade 9 - 12; Eng 9, 10, 11, 12, Creative Writing, College Prep Writing, Eng 1010, Eng 2010)
4 Years of Mathematics (Algebra and above that ends with a grade 12 rigorous math course beyond Intermediate Algebra)
3.5 Years of Social Studies (Geography, World Civ, U.S, History, U.S. Gov, Sociology, or Economics) 
3 Years of Natural Science with laboratory (Biology, Chemistry, AND Physics--the only science college courses that will count are those with an additional lab class.  Neither Earth Systems or Physics with Tech are accepted)
2 Years of the same Foreign Language (taken in grades 9 - 12)
1.5 credits of Arts (Visual Arts, Music, Dance, or Theater)
2.0 credits of PE & Health
1.0 credit of Vocational Ed
.5 credit of Comp Tech
.5 credit of Financial Lit
Students from the Class of 2010 will be able to finish participation in the Dixie High Honors Program, which is outlined below. 
Students who graduate with honors from Dixie High School will receive a medallion to wear at graduation and be recognized at the honors night program.  The student’s transcript will be stamped to indicate the student graduated with honors.  Graduation program will also indicate honor graduates.


To graduate with honors from Dixie High School, students must:

1.                 Complete 12 credits of designated honors courses in grades 10-12.

2.                 Count only one Talent/Interest course per year in grades 10-11.  In the 12th grade, more than one Talent/Interest course may be counted if the course is in the student’s declared field of interest as stated on the SEOP.

3.                 Achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

4.                 Take at least three honors credits per year.


9th Grade:  It is recommended that students interested in Honors Graduation take Honors Language Arts, Honors Geography, Geometry or above, and Honors Integrated Earth Systems to be prepared for honors classes at the high school.  9th Graders who complete 3 credits of honors in the 9th grade will only need to take 11 honors credits at the high school to achieve honors graduation.


Approved Courses for Honors Graduation:


Language Arts

All Honors Language Arts courses                             10-11

College Prep English                                                11-12

A.P. Language or Literature                            11-12



Intermediate Algebra                                     10-11

PreCalculus                                                   10-12

A.P. Calculus                                                 11-12

A.P. Statistics                                                          11-12


Social Studies

Honors World Civilization                               10

A.P. U. S. History                                           11-12

A.P. Economics                                             11-12

A.P. European History                                    11-12

A.P. Government                                           12



Honors Chemistry                                          10-12

Honors Physics                                              10-12

Human Biology                                              10-11

Physics: Science and Engineering                    10-12

A.P. Biology                                                  11-12

A.P. Chemistry                                              11-12

Biotechnology                                               11-12

Advanced Animal Science                               11-12

Medical Anatomy                                           11


Foreign Language

Foreign Language 3                                       10-12

A.P. Foreign Language                                   10-12


Talent Interest

Arts:                     Madrigals, Chorus III, Band III, Jazz Band, Theater III, A.P. Music Theory, Advanced Graphic Arts, Dance Company, Dance 3, Yearbook, Journalism

          Business:              Accounting, College Business, Microsoft Certified Professional

Science:                See courses in “Science” from above.

          Social:                  See courses in “Social Studies” from above.


Technology:         Advanced Auto, Advanced Cabinetmaking, Advanced                                        Welding, Advanced Electronics, Computer Maintenance, Auto

                                      Body, Diesel Mechanics