Honor “D” Award Program

For over 50 years the Honor “D” program has brought recognition to students of Dixie High School.  The first Silver and Gold “D” Awards were presented in 1961 and the class of 1963 added the Diamond D.  Points are given for participation in extra-curricular activities, for services to the school and community, and for academic effort.  Interested students may start a logbook in their first year at Dixie High School.  Points are awarded during the last term of each school year.  A student committee evaluates the logbooks to determine whether a student has earned one of the following:
          Silver “D” -           Requires a minimum of 30 points; some students are able to earn this within one year’s time.
          Gold “D” -             Requires a minimum of 60 points; some students are able to earn this over two years’ time.
          Diamond “D” -     The highest award at Dixie High School, this requires 100 points.  Students earning the Diamond “D”
                                      become the “D” Week Royalty and will participate in painting the “DIXIE” on the Red Hill during “D” Week.