High School Dances

Conduct: Students attending high school activities and/or dances are expected to follow the same guidelines for student conduct that are expected during the school day.  That includes the dress code, unless otherwise designated (see below).  In addition, students are not allowed to participate in potentially harmful actions.  Dances will be stopped and students sent home without refunds if students begin to engage in inappropriate behavior.  Homecoming, Preference, and D-Day are semi-formal dances.  Junior Prom and Senior Ball are formal dances.

Dance Dress:

          Formal -                Tuxedos, formals, and flowers are expected.

          Semi Formal -         Dresses, coat and tie and slacks.  No denim.

          Sunday Best -         Dresses, shirt, tie and slacks.

          Casual -                School dress.  No t-shirts, hats, shorts, bandanas, or gang   


NOTE: No shoes allowed at dances in gymnasiums.  No denim. Other guidelines as explained under “Dress Code.”