Graduation Requirements

(Minimum Required Courses – Grades 9-12


Subject Area

Credit Required

Language Arts (English)

(4.0) Credits


(3.0) Credits (2011)


(2.0) Credits

Math or Science

(1.0) Credits (2010)

Social Science (History)

(3.0) Credits


(1.5) Credits

Healthy Lifestyles

(2.0) Credits

Vocational Education

(1.0) Credits

Computer Technology

(0.5) Credits

Financial Literacy
(0.5) Credits


Total "Required" Credit

18.5 Credits

Total "Elective" Credit*

 9.5  Credits


Total Graduation Credit

28.00 Credits



*Electives Options Recommended:



Foreign Language

2.0 Credits


at least Int. Alg.


4.0 Credits


3.0 Credits


Technical Core

4.0 Credits

ATE Core

5.0 Credits

Job Entry Core

5.0 Credits

Additional Graduation Guidelines:

1.                 A minimum of four solid or academic courses must be taken during each semester of high school attendance.

2.                 Juniors must take a full credit of math.

3.                 To receive a diploma, a student must have been enrolled in the district for a minimum of one quarter immediately prior to graduation (any exceptions must be approved by the superintendent).

4.                 A student must have met ALL graduation requirements in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

5.                 If graduation requirements are modified for a student with a disability as per an Individual Education Plan (IEP), the student will receive a diploma if the modified requirements are met. Students under an IEP may also participate in graduation ceremonies according to the circumstances outlined in the Rules and Regulations.

Language Arts: All students must complete (4.0) Credits of English. Students must complete:

1.0 Credit

9th - Language Arts 9 (or Honors)

1.0 Credit

10th – Language Arts 10 (or Honors)

1.0 Credit

11th  - Language Arts 10 (or Honors or AP).

1.0 Credit

12th  - Language Arts 12, College Prep Writing or AP English Literature or Language plus additional Language arts elective(s) to equal one (1) credit.

Mathematics: All students must complete (2.0) credits of Math. One credit must be taken in the Junior year. Students must complete at least Elementary Algebra and Geometry.  Beginning with the Class of 2011, (3) credits in math will be required.  Students must take one class above the math class they took in 9th grade to meet graduation requirements. Universities require three (3.0) credits of Math through Intermediate Algebra as a minimum along with most colleges and occupations recommending the same.

Science: All Students must complete (2.0) credits of Science with (1.0) Life Science  credit and (1.0) Physical Science credit. Integrated Earth Systems in the 9th grade allows students to select either a life of a physical science to complete requirements.   Universities require three (3.0) credits of Science along with most colleges and occupations recommending the same.

Math/Science: All students (prior to Class of 2011) must complete one (1.0) additional credit of Math OR Science. Choices include all required Math or Science courses with the additional elective Science courses of Animal Science, Biotechnology,  AP Biology or AP Chemistry.

Social Science: All students must complete (3.0) credits of Social Studies which includes: (.50) World Geography in 9th grade, (.50) World Civilizations in 10th grade, (1.0) U.S. Studies (or honors or AP) in 11th grade, (.50) U.S. Government & Citizenship 12th grade, and (.50) Elective History credit from Social Science course offerings.  Additional 0.5 credits may include psychology, sociology, and AP European.

Arts: All Students must complete (1.5) credits of Art from the courses offered 9-12th grade.

Healthy Lifestyles: Students must take (2.0) credits of Physical Education which includes: (.50) Participation Skills in 9th grade, (.50) Health II AND (.50) Fit for Life in 10th grade, and (.50) Elective PE 9-12th grade. **Students participating in two years of Athletics may waive the (.50) credit of PE Elective by completing a sports waiver form available in the counselor's office (no credit is awarded, the requirement is fulfilled.)

Vocational Education: Students must complete (1.0) credit of Vocational Education by selecting courses offered in the Technology, Business, or Family and Consumer Sciences.

Computer Technology: All students must complete (.5) credit of Computer Technology.

Financial Literacy: All students must complete (.5) credit of Financial Literacy.