Extracurricular Participation Fee

A participation fee of $70 to cover travel and uniform costs will be assessed for the following activities: wrestling, baseball, tennis, softball, debate, football, track, golf, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and cross country.  Students should pay for their own meal costs when they are scheduled to participate in activities that require travel. Travel costs are to be collected at the time of the event for the following: drama, choir, band, cheerleading, drill team and field trips.


Student Insurance: Student Insurance is available to all members of the student body at a minimal cost.  It is recommended that all students have some type of health and accident insurance.  Neither the school nor the Washington County School District Board of Education is an insurance agent.  The district does provide the opportunity for an insurance company to serve you.  STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN ATHLETICS AND ROTC MUST HAVE INSURANCE COVERAGE.