Computer & Network Guidelines

Computer technology provides students of Dixie High School with unique opportunities for acquiring and sharing information, knowledge, and ideas that can positively impact learning and their future success.  Dixie High School continues to implement technology to enhance instruction and encourages students to take full advantage of the facilities available to them.  With access to computers, computer networks and the Internet comes the responsibility for proper conduct.  Internet use is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a loss of network privileges, disciplinary action, and/or referral to legal authorities. The system administrators will close an account when necessary. An administrator or faculty member may request the system administrator to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user access and/or user accounts.


Terms and Conditions for Use: The user is held responsible for his/her actions while using a stand alone computer or network workstation and activity within any of his/her accounts.  Unacceptable uses or intentional damage of equipment, data, or accounts will result in suspension or revocation of use, as well as being subject to the disciplinary procedures of the school and criminal prosecution.  It is against district policy to photograph or videotape any person without their consent.  It is expected that students will follow the Washington County Technology Acceptable Use Policy, as defined in District Policy 3700.  The policy is available online at 


Utah Computer Crime Act; Utah Criminal Code 76-6-701 to 05: All use of computers, networks or on-line accounts must be in support of education and research consistent with the goals of the Washington County School District.

·               Any use of computers, networks or on-line accounts that is deemed by the supervising staff member and/or school administration to be dangerous, objectionable,    pornographic, distracting to education, harassing, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate in nature is prohibited.

·                    Any use of computers, networks or on-line accounts is subject to system administrator perusal, and logging for virus scanning or inappropriate use investigation.

·                    Any use of computers, networks or on-line accounts for personal and private business or for profit purposes is prohibited.