Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling

The Counseling and Guidance Department at Dixie High School provides a programmatic approach to guidance that reaches 100% of our students.  We strive to accomplish the following goals:

·                    Impact all students in a powerful and effective way as to the importance of career decision making and planning for life after high school.

·                    Encourage and assist each student in developing an SEOP to create a personalized educational plan.

·                    Direct the guidance program to provide opportunities for student growth in the areas of academic/learning development, life/career development, personal/social development and as a global citizen.

·                    Make our guidance program more accountable.

·                    Involve the school (students and staff), the home (entire family), and the community (neighborhood and work force) in implementing a Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program.

The goals are accomplished through guidance curriculum, individual planning, and responsive services.


Guidance Curriculum:  Counselors conduct a variety of classroom presentations including information about eating disorders, suicide, career exploration, student interests, influences on career decision-making, etc.

Individual Planning:  Individual planning begins with the SEOP.  We conduct an interest cluster SEOP in the 10th grade with a general information session.   We meet with 3-4 other students and parents in individual decision-making.  The junior SEOP is an individual conference in the counseling office.  Senior SEOP is a small group conference with ongoing individual conferences conducted as need throughout the school year.  We look at progress to graduation, selecting meaningful electives to prepare for future planning, information about a variety of tests, and opportunities to explore career options.

Responsive Services:  Counselors provide opportunities for individual and group counseling for issues that may impact school success.  We also provide referral for community services as well.