Attendance Policy

The Washington County School District has established an Attendance Policy intended to promote regular attendance of every student.  Parents are allowed to excuse their student from school, but only when the student is absent for a valid reason, such as illness or family emergency.  Any absences beyond five (5) per quarter are considered excessive, whether excused, unexcused, or truant.  Excessive absences may result in:  1) meeting with administrator; 2) referral to attendance review committee; 3) removal from that particular class with loss of credit; 4) referral to juvenile court. 


Procedure for attendance at Dixie High School:


            Tardy.  A tardy is defined as reporting to class after the bell to start class has sounded.


            Tardy policy.  The district states that each school is required to establish a uniform tardy policy (DP Dixie High School’s policy will require each student to attend a lunch detention for each tardy he or she receives beyond the first four tardies of each quarter.   


            Any student who is not in his/her appropriate class when the bell rings to start class is considered tardy. A tardy will count as one (1) point towards receiving a “NG” (No-Grade)[See Absence Policy 2.1]. A student who is tardy will not be able to make up bell work for that class that day.


1.1.1      Each student is allowed four (4) exempt tardies per quarter. This is for all classes combined, periods 1-8, not four per class period.


1.1.2      Once a student exceeds the four (4) allowed tardies, the student will be required to attend a lunch detention.


1.1.3       A student attending lunch detention will be given ten (10) minutes to get lunch to bring with him/her to the assigned detention room. After ten minutes a student will not be admitted to detention.


1.1.4      A student who fails to attend the assigned lunch detention will be required to meet with administration and will be assigned two lunch detentions. A student who fails to comply with the two detentions as assigned by Dixie High School’s administration will be suspended for insubordination and will be required to have a parent/student/administration conference to return to school.


1.1.5      A student may appeal a tardy to the principal if he/she feels that there are extenuating reasons for a tardy.


2.0 Absences. An absence is defined as any time a student is not in attendance in the classroom to which he or she has been assigned or arrives more than 20 minutes after the start of class.  Any type of absenteeism (other than an exempt absence, “A, M, D” such as: Administrative Excused, Medical, Court Detention or school activity) shall accumulate two (2) points per absence.


2.1            Absence Policy.  Any student who accumulates more than six (6) points will be given a “NG” (No-Grade) and will lose credit for that class. Credit will be withheld for that class until appropriate restitution has been completed. No-Grades can be restored by attending Millcreek restitution, Saturday School, or by other restoration methods assigned by the school’s administration.


2.1.1      The student will have the option of attending Saturday School during the quarter credit was lost, or during the following quarter. After one quarter has passed, lost credit can’t be restored without additional penalties.


2.1.2    Saturday School will allow students to make up a total of five (5) absences per Saturday session. The cost will be $5 per hour. Each Saturday is a separate session. Students who are late to Saturday School will not be admitted. Students who attend Saturday School will be required to bring work to do or books to read.  Saturday School hours are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.


2.1.3    Students who feel there are extenuating circumstances which result in the loss of credit may appeal the loss of credit to the attendance review committee in writing prior to the end of the quarter following the loss of credit. The decision of the appeals committee may be appealed to the principal.


3.0 Truant.  A truant (sluff) is an absence where a student is on campus but not in his or her assigned class during school hours or if a student leaves campus without checking out at the office and having parental permission to leave school. A student who leaves class without teacher permission is also truant.


3.1 A student who is marked truant (sluff) will receive an automatic loss of credit (NG) and the student will need to attend the first Saturday school available for two hours to restore that credit.


4.0 A student who has ten (10) or more absences in four (4) or more class periods in a quarter, may be removed from school for the remainder of the quarter. A conference between the student/parent/administration will be held prior to the student returning to school the following quarter. If a student is removed from school for excessive absences a second time, the student, his/her parents, and the administration will meet to decide a more appropriate educational placement for the student.


Absence – E  or X             (2 points)


Sluff – S                          (2 points and required restitution)


Tardy                             (1 point)


Exempt Absences


School Activity – A            (0 Points; absence due to involvement in a school-sponsored activity).


Educational Travel – V       (0 points; absence requiring prior notification and approval at least 3 days before travel begins.  Does not guarantee that absence will not affect academic grade; NOT available during the last 10 days of school; subject to approval by the principal).


Homebound – M               (0 points; illness or injury causing absence in excess of five consecutive days; requires verification by a physician at the time of illness or injury).


Chronic Ill ness – M           (0 points; absence due to chronic illness; requires notification and a negotiated individual attendance policy with the assistant principal, as well as verification by a physician).


Court Detention – G          (0 points; absence due to required legal consequences).